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Mike Stevens | Oct, 21 2014 | 0 Comments

South Australia’s Royal Automobile Association (RAA) has urged motorists this week to maintain their vehicles, with more than 21,000 passenger cars ‘defected’ in the 2013/2014 financial year.

Data for the period shows that more than 33,083 defect issues were recorded, suggesting that a significant number of the 21,433 vehicles defected had more than one point of concern.

“Of the vehicles defected last financial year, there were five major issues noted that all vehicle owners should be aware of: lights, tyres, oil and fuel leaks, and suspension problems,” the RAA said.

Lights proved the most common issue, with 9246 motorists pinged for faulty front, rear or indicator lights.

Another familiar issue, overly worn tyres, saw 9218 vehicles slapped with a defect notice.

“Check your tyres by kneeling down to see the tread area – you should have a tread depth of at least 1.5mm and if you don’t have a tread checker, a match head is a good substitute. Don’t forget to check the spare,” the RAA said.

Motorists should also ensure all wheel studs and nuts are intact, with none missing or broken. Bends or cracks in the wheel rim will also stand out as a defect issue.

Nearly 1800 were caught out with an oil or fuel leak, while faulty or illegally set suspension saw another 1458 booked.

Motorists picked up under ‘Other’ includes those with faulty seatbelts, windows, door locks and other significant issues.

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