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Trevor Collett | Mar, 08 2013 | 2 Comments

Women have struck another blow against men in the gender wars, with new Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) figures revealing females in rural areas of NSW are the safest drivers in the state.

In June last year, the NSW state government launched a program to reward motorists on unrestricted licences who have accrued nil demerit points in the five years before their license renewal date.

Drivers that qualify are required to pay only half of the five year licence renewal fee, and it is women who are claiming the majority of the discounts.

Of the 157,938 discounts issued thus far, almost 55 percent (86,808) were claimed by female drivers.

The top three areas with the best behaved drivers were all rural cities, with Port Macquarie claiming top spot, followed by Dubbo and Orange.

Sydney suburbs fill places four through seven with Baulkham Hills edging out its Hills District neighbour, Castle Hill, by just one discounted license to be Sydney’s best.

Interestingly, the figures also suggest that surviving five consecutive years in NSW without accruing a single demerit point is no easy task.

Even in the best performing area overall - Port Macquarie - a mere 3.2 percent of license holders managed to achieve this feat.

Eighth placed Goulburn was the best of the top nine, with a marginally better score of 4.1 percent.

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