Rovska EV Motorcycle Merges Superbike Style With EV Thrift Photo:
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Tony O'Kane | Jul, 10 2012 | 0 Comments

Electric motorcycles are nothing new, but to date most EV bike offerings have been anything but exciting.

Electric scooters for the Japanese and Chinese markets are the most numerous type of EV two-wheeler, and EV sports bikes only exist as bespoke one-offs or as conversions of petrol-powered models.

Enter the Rovska. Created by five students at the University of Life Sciences in Oslo, Norway, the Rovska is a design study that hints at the sports bike of the future.

Built around an all-carbon frame and clothed in carbon-fibre fairings, the Rovska's body weighs just 25kg without the motor, batteries or drivetrain.

The wheels are also made from advanced carbon-fibre composites, and their light weight further improves performance.

Power is supplied by a 70kW electric motor, capable of driving the Rovska to a maximum speed of 180km/h. Maximum range is a estimated 100km, but the team behind the Rovska makes no claim of acceleration times.

With an incredibly light weight and modest amounts of power, the Rovska would surely be a rocketship in a straight line. Unfortunately, for the time being the Rovska is just yet another one-off EV motorcycle concept.

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