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Tony O'Kane | Mar, 02 2015 | 2 Comments

Nothing upsets purists more than when a beloved marque deviates from an established formula and heads into entirely new territory. When Rolls-Royce eventually reveals its first-ever SUV - and it's coming - there's sure to be plenty of dropped monocles.

But the reality is that SUVs, particularly high-end ones, are big business.

By throwing its hat into the uber-luxury SUV ring, Rolls-Royce can finally take advantage of this demand. It will also compete against rival Bentley's upcoming Bentayga.

Only a few official details are known about Rolls' first-ever SUV, like how it will be built on an all-new aluminium architecture, will be nearly as long the 5.8m Phantom and will boast genuine off-road capability.

As for what it will be called and what it will look like, those details are still yet to be announced.

Nevertheless, graphic artist Theophilus Chin has revealed his own take on what a Rolls-Royce SUV may look like by grafting the front and tail lights of a Ghost onto a blocky, upright body that has a hint of Range Rover in the D-pillar.

It's a slightly less-cohesive design than the renderings released last year by German design firm Atelier-Valdeig, but Chin's images do demonstrate that current Rolls-Royce design cues do translate easily onto something like an SUV.

But take all of this with a grain of salt. We don't expect to see Rolls-Royce's SUV project until late 2016 at the very earliest, and these renderings are merely speculative.

Source: Theophilus Chin

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