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Kez Casey | Jun, 08 2017 | 0 Comments

Renault has announced a new EV battery repurposing plan that will see out-of-use car batteries turned into home energy storage cells.

In conjunction with Powervault, a UK firm specialising in home energy storage, Renault’s ‘second life’ batteries can bring the cost of a home energy storage unit down by 30 percent.

A trial program is underway in the UK comprising 50 units installed in homes already fitted with solar panels, social housing tenants, and schools with Powervault monitoring results with an eye to a mass-market introduction in the future.

Renault claims the usual lifespan of an EV battery is around eight to ten years, at the end of which a vehicle battery still has “plenty of useful life” in stationary applications. Powervault estimates another ten useful years for EV batteries used as part of home storage systems.

The so-called second-life battery packs are removed from electric vehicles, unpacked and graded for suitability, then repacked by Powervault into smaller home battery systems.

Renault's EV range: Twizy, Zoe, Fluence, Kangoo
Renault's EV range: Twizy, Zoe, Fluence, Kangoo

“Renault is adding a new element into its global strategy for second-life batteries, which already covers a large number of usages from industrial to residential building and districts,” Renault’s EV and Infrastructure Director, Nicolas Schottey explained.

“The second life use not only gives additional life to electric vehicle batteries before they are recycled, but also allow consumers to save money. It’s a win-win-win: for EV owners, home-owners and the planet.”

The Powervault trial program begins this month is the UK and will run for 52 weeks with install locations in Hyde and Greenwich, in England.

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