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Renault Planning Interior “Revolution” For 2018 Clio Photo:

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Kez Casey | Sep, 19 2016 | 1 Comment

With the debut of the current generation Renault Clio in 2012, the french firm introduced its then-new styling direction, as penned by design chief Laurens van den Acker, formerly of Mazda.

Though the Clio has only just been given its mid-life update recently, van den Acker has already turned his attention to its replacement, which is expected to surface in 2018.

Just as the current Clio established Renault’s new design direction, the fifth generation Clio will introduce an interior design “revolution” van den Acker told the UK’s Auto Express.

Pointing to the 2018 Paris Motor Show as the venue for the first sighting of the new Clio, van den Acker promised that the interior of the next Clio would offer a significant upgrade compared with the current generation.

“We need to make sure our next interiors live up to the standards of the exterior,” van den Acker explained to Auto Express.

“We have more people [at Renault] working on interiors than ever before, and we are pushing a revolution.”

Describing improved materials to give a more premium look and feel, van den Acker also suggested Renault’s latest generation of portrait-oriented touchscreen infotainment, would take less time to filter down from high-end models into cheaper cars like the Clio.

Though he he didn’t divulge any further details, the Clio-sized 2014 Renault Eolab concept (pictured) offers a potential glimpse of what the next Clio could look like inside, with bold interior forms, a patterned two-tone interior, and new display technology used throughout.

Before the new Clio arrives in 2018 the current generation, which has been updated in Europe, will be introduced to the Australian market, bringing revised front and rear styling to keep the light hatch in step with the look of the new Koleos SUV and recently launched Megane hatch.

2017 Clio update
2017 Clio update

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