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Mike Stevens | May, 27 2012 | 0 Comments

This week's worst-kept secret is now out in the open, with Renault's new Alpine A110-50 concept making its debut at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the A110 Berlinette sports car, Renault's new concept promises the possibility of a return for the Alpine marque.

Renault had last confirmed plans to launch a range of Alpine performance models in the mid-2000s, before the effects of the global financial crisis saw the project cancelled.

Rather than producing an all-new machine, Renault's team has remixed a number of its existing technologies and ideas to build the stunning A110-50.

Starting off with the underpinnings and Nissan-supplied V6 engine of the Megane Trophy racecar, Renault tore the electric powertrain out of its earlier DeZir concept and slipped it over the top of the Trophy's tubular chassis.

Of course, it's a little more involved than that.

Renault tasked its stylists with giving the DeZir a more menacing and track-focused look, resulting in huge intakes, vents and diffusers, and massive 21-inch racing wheels.

Finished in an Alpine-inspired blue with orange highlights, the A110-50 gets a pair of circular LED lights - a nod to the original car's foggies - and the familiar A L P I N E badging.

What about guts? There are none of the usual modern hybrid or electric tricks here, with all power in the A110-50 produced by a mid-rear mounted 3.5 litre petrol V6.

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Here, the big V6 produces 300kW at 7200rpm and 422Nm at 6200rpm, sending power to the rear wheels through a semi-auto six-speed sequential transmission and a limited-slip diff.

You won't find any assistance systems in the A110-50, and braking is managed by big 356mm steel discs and six-piston calipers at the front, and 330mm discs and four-pot grabbers at the rear.

Inside, there's everything you'd expect of a race car: a roll cage, racing steering wheel and Sabelt bucket seats with a full harness.

Don't expect to see the A110-50 on the open road anytime soon, but if recent reports are anything to go by, we could yet see the Alpine name in showrooms sometime this decade.

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