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Remote Control Car Hits 314kmh, Caught On Film: Video Photo:
Trevor Collett | Jul, 08 2014 | 1 Comment

Remote Control car enthusiast Nic Case has broken his own Guinness Book of World Records speed for an RC car, with a 314km/h (196 MPH) pass.

Case was sure to have his camera handy to capture the new record (see video, above), although the RC car is merely a streak of colour as it flashes past the control line at Formula 1-rivalling speeds.

The previous record stood at 276.74km/h for a battery-powered RC car called the “R/C Bullet”, driven by Case in December 2012.

Despite improving his own mark using the same car by an impressive 38km/h, Case hopes to see the car break the 200 MPH barrier (320km/h) in the coming weeks so the 314km/h record might be short-lived.

The R/C Bullet is a 1:10 scale model built and engineered by Case, which now boasts all-wheel-drive and 12 lithium polymer batteries producing 5,000 mAh (Milliamp Hours) each.

We're not sure when Case's next record-breaking attempt will be, or what changes are planned for the R/C Bullet to enable it to travel even faster... but we'll be watching.

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