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TMR Team | Sep, 12 2017 | 0 Comments

Victorian toll road operator, EastLink, is giving drivers another chance to state their preparedness or otherwise to the fast-approaching world of self-driven cars.

In a new survey, launched on the company’s website this week, the operator asks about motorists’ current cars, awareness of current safety features and future self-driving vehicles and what safety items they want on their next car.

EastLink spokesman, Doug Spencer-Roy, said the results of the survey will help the company prepare for a future where drivers and driverless cars share the road.

“The Annual Victorian Self-Driving Vehicle Survey will help Victorian motorists by ensuring that road operators and vehicle manufacturers better understand motorists’ needs in relation to self-driving vehicles,” Spencer-Roy said.

“The survey will identify aspects of self-driving vehicles for which Victorian motorists are seeking further information. This will help road operators and vehicle manufacturers provide the right information to motorists as new self-driving vehicle technologies become increasingly available.”

Several government authorities have already begun testing self-driving vehicles in Australia.

The Federal government, through the Department of Infrastructure, announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz in 2016.

The South Australian government has committed $5.6m to an autonomous vehicle trial at Adelaide Airport, Flinders University and the Tonsley Innovation Precinct on the site of Mitsubishi's former manufacturing facility.

Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety has purchased a Volvo XC90, which features a mild autonomous driving system, for its own study into the impact of the technology on Australian roads.

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