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RACQ: Queensland Motorists "Held To Ransom" Over Fuel Shortages Photo:
Trevor Collett | Oct, 18 2013 | 1 Comment

Queensland motorists continue to be overcharged for fuel, following the state’s fuel shortages earlier this month.

The state’s peak motoring group, the RACQ, says that Brisbane motorists in particular are paying the price as retailers attempt to recoup losses incurred during the shortage.

Despite fuel supplies continuing to improve, the RACQ says fuel margins on unleaded petrol products have exceeded 15 cents per litre for six straight days in the Queensland capital.

RACQ’s Paul Turner said that fuel prices were currently more than five cents per litre greater than expected.

“The average price of unleaded petrol in Brisbane has never remained this high for this long,” Mr Turner said.

“After last week’s fuel shortage, motorists are simply being held hostage and it is completely unacceptable.”

Mr Turner urged motorists to delay filling their cars, if possible, and to only purchase what they needed until prices return to normal.

“Motorists can also check the RACQ’s Fair Fuel Price service which reveals what they should be paying in their area,” Mr Turner said.

Oil prices have eased this week off the back of economic uncertainty in the US, following the partial shut-down of US government services.

While supplies continue to improve in New South Wales and Victoria, at least one oil company warned that some smaller service stations may continue to run dry as supplies are prioritised to larger and busier service stations.

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