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RACQ: Queensland Driving Test Review Complete, Public Comment Needed Photo:
Malcolm Flynn | Aug, 22 2012 | 1 Comment

Queensland’s government has reviewed the state’s practical driving test for new drivers, with the findings published in a new report this week.

The report has recommended several changes to the state’s Q-SAFE test, which has been in place since 1998.

Queensland motoring body RACQ was involved in compiling the report, and is now seeking public comment on its recommendations.

"Young drivers are still over-represented in our crash statistics, and it is important to constantly review these licensing laws to make sure they are the best possible", RACQ’s Paul Turner said.

Among the proposed changes are a new driving test format and content - with a focus on assessing the driver's skill - and new qualification requirements for driving examiners.

The RACQ has also recommended the development of a monitoring system to ensure future changes are appropriate and deliver the outcomes expected.

Mr Turner added that beyond the government’s recommendations, “more practical training and testing around the higher risk areas such as merging and right hand turns across traffic is necessary.”

The RACQ has also suggested multiple test route options, with a standardised level of complexity to maximise the validity of repeat attempts by those who fail to pass initially.

The full report can be viewed here (PDF, link opens in new window), and is open for public comment until September 16.

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