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Trevor Collett | Apr, 24 2015 | 5 Comments

Western Australia residents entertaining the thought of electric vehicle ownership will soon have access to a network of fast chargers in the state’s south west.

The RAC has announced new details of WA’s first ‘Electric Highway’, joining the capital city, Perth, to Augusta, which is the most south-westerly town in Australia.

The route has been strategically chosen to encompass popular tourist spots around the Margaret River region, with chargers planned for Nannup, Busselton and Margaret River.

Other locations include Fremantle, Bunbury, Bridgetown and Mandurah, with the southernmost of the 11 planned chargers on the route to be located in Augusta.

Local councils along the route have either agreed or are in talks with the RAC to maintain the chargers once they are installed, but whether they will offer free electricity to drivers or charge them to use the facilities is unclear at this stage.

The RAC will fund the installation in partnership with E-Station, which has already established EV charging facilities in Perth.

“The RAC Electric Highway goes back to the organisation’s foundation to once again open up the state to new transport options,” RAC’s Will Golsby said.

“In 1905, RAC was formed when motor vehicles were in the minority, and we see the RAC Electric Highway as a positive and real contribution towards the growth of alternative vehicle technology.”

The RAC and E-Station - whether by choice or by accident - now find themselves in an unofficial ‘race’ against Tesla and Tritium to complete Australia’s first EV highway.

Tesla announced its intention to link Brisbane to Melbourne via Sydney and Canberra by 2017 with its own-branded superchargers at the Australian launch of the Model S last year, and has recently kick-started the plan by announcing a new station to be built in Goulburn, NSW.

Brisbane-based Tritium plans to cover a 430km corridor in Queensland's south-east with 12 of its Veefil fast-charging stations, but no completion date for the project has been announced.

The West Australian reports EV ownership in the west is in its infancy, with just 137 all-electric cars and 18 electric motorcycles registered in WA during 2013/14.

Where are the RAC Electric Highway charging stations located?

Visitor Centre Carpark, Mandurah Terrace

Symmonds Street Carpark

Foreshore carpark, located near junction of Geographe Bay Road and West Street (adjacent to Signal Park).

Margaret River
Wallcliffe Road, near junction of Station Road

RAC WA says these sites are up next:

Carpark, Lot 72 Blackwood Avenue (just north of the junction of Ellis Street)

Adam Street

Railway Reserve Carpark, Spencer Street, just south of Steere Street

RAC, 832 Wellington Street, West Perth

Exact location coming soon

Dunn Bay Road (near Lions Park)

Exact location coming soon

Exact location coming soon

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