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Trevor Collett | Dec, 15 2014 | 0 Comments

The age old question of ‘car versus public transport’ has been raised again, this time in relation to Adelaide’s CBD in South Australia.

In some Australian cities, the car is a no-brainer, while in the larger cities, commuting by rail is almost always faster than using a private car.

And so it would seem in Adelaide now as well, with the RAA finding public transport or cycling can be faster - and cheaper - than using a private car on some routes.

The motoring group measured travelling times and costs for a typical commuter attempting to reach the CBD during the morning peak, starting from Mitcham, Kilburn, Glenelg and Paradise.

The study measured travel times over three consecutive days, and included two different bike paths.

“Most people believe their car is the most convenient way to get to work or study commitments in the CBD, but we’ve found that cycling or public transport can get you there quicker and cheaper on certain journeys, so it’s worth taking a look,” RAA’s Charles Mountain said.

“For instance, when starting from Kilburn, the train arrived about 13 minutes earlier than the car, and when starting from Mitcham, the train arrived at almost the same time as the car.”

Mr Mountain said train ticket prices of around $3.40 per journey meant drivers could save on average up to $2000 per year by choosing rail transport over driving.

The comparison was an expansion on an annual road congestion study, with the RAA looking to investigate if public transport and cycling were viable alternatives to driving.

Cycling proved to be an attractive alternative for the time-conscious traveller, being the fastest method on the Mitcham route and second fastest on all other routes tested.

The RAA also found that ‘Park ‘n Ride’ facilities were not up to scratch in some areas, and that more people could be encouraged to use public transport if the facilities were improved.

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