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The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has partnered-up on a new project aimed at improving battery technology for electric vehicles.

Together with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) and Australia’s Auto Cooperative Research Centre (AutoCRC), QUT hopes to “wean the world off fossil fuels”.

The $4 million, three-year project will aim to improve manufacturing methods for the advanced materials used in batteries for a wider and faster uptake among the EV industry in Malaysia.

“The technology and production processes for electric vehicles must keep improving so that their driving range keeps increasing and their prices keep falling,” QUT’s Professor Peter Talbot said.

"The most important - and most expensive - piece of the puzzle is the battery. The greater the energy-density of the battery in an electric vehicle, the further it can travel before it needs recharging."

The project will concentrate on the industry-standard lithium-ion battery, identifying the best lithium-based powders to use and the optimal way of processing them.

Professor Talbot said a key goal of the project was to ensure a fast application of the results to the ‘real world’ market, with benefits available to carmakers by June 2017.

QUT’s Institute for Future Environments will undertake the research project, together with AutoCRC and MAI.

AutoCRC develops new automotive low emissions technologies and capabilities while MAI is a Malaysian Government-backed program designed to boost the country’s automotive industry.

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