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Trevor Collett | May, 18 2015 | 5 Comments

Queensland’s new state government has proposed a direct debit scheme for the state’s drivers to pay vehicle registrations.

A new ‘set and forget’ direct debit system will come into place from July 1, allowing owners to pay their registration electronically in three-, six- or twelve-monthly instalments.

Once enrolled in the scheme, drivers will not have to arrange payment of their registration fees as they will be deducted at the chosen interval until the owner disposes of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the surcharge that drivers face when renewing their registration for less than 12 months will be reduced for those participating in the direct debit scheme.

Queensland: No more registration labels - or renewal notices, if you choose direct debit
Queensland: No more registration labels - or renewal notices, if you choose direct debit

Drivers currently pay a fee of $34.70 when selecting a registration renewal period of less than 12 months, but direct debit participants choosing three- or six-month options will see this reduced to $25.20 (down $9.50).

The scheme will be restricted to owners of light vehicles at first, registered for private, commercial, limousine, not-for-profit, farm, taxi and driver training or tuition use.

A direct debit scheme of this nature was reportedly explored by the previous Queensland Government, as the state discontinued the issue of registration labels for light vehicles in October last year.

As every other Australian state has also abandoned the labels, it remains to be seen if any choose to follow with ‘set and forget’ direct debit registration schemes of their own.

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