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Queensland Motorists Picking Up 2000 Speeding Tickets Each Day Photo:
Trevor Collett | Apr, 11 2013 | 1 Comment

Queensland motorists are racking up speeding fines to the tune of 2000 each day, on average, according to new figures.

Data released by the Queensland department of Transport and Main Roads reveals a ten percent increase in fines compared to 2011.

In all, 738,919 fines were issued for speeding on Queensland roads in 2012.

'Low range' offenders (less than 13km/h over the limit) make up the bulk of fines issued in Queensland, which, to their credit, is consistent with other states.

At the other end of the scale, around 3000 drivers – or about 0.4 percent – were caught exceeding the limit by 40 km/h or more.

It will likely surprise few that mobile and covert speed cameras nabbed the most offenders, with a figure of 355,008 far outstripping the 135,907 tickets issued via fixed speed camers.

The remaining 248,004 fines were issued by police directly.

The figures coincide with a report from the Queensland state government into the future of the camera enforcement program.

Queensland is currently the only state where police directly manage the camera network, at an estimated cost of $50 million per year.

"We need to maintain the integrity of this type of service and the perception of integrity,” Queensland Police Union President, Ian Leavers said.

"That can only be achieved if police continue to staff speed cameras."

Outsourcing the program, moving it to another department or allowing public servants to operate the cameras in place of sworn officers are all being considered for the future.

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