Quarter Of Queensland Motorists Consistent Speedsters: RACQ Photo:

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TMR Team | Oct, 25 2012 | 7 Comments

The RACQ has revealed that that many of its members have a low regard for speed limits.

A recent member survey by Queensland’s peak motoring body has shown that 21.3 percent of respondents consistently drive 1-5km/h over the posted speed limit, while 71 percent admit to speeding more than four times a month.

Alarmingly, almost four percent of respondents admitted to speeding through 40km/h school zones.

The main reason given for exceeding the speed limit was to ‘keep up with other traffic’, with the belief that other motorists exceeded the limit by a higher margin than they.

Conversely, 83.9 percent of RACQ members agreed that speeding is a problem, while 72 percent considered the problem to have worsened in the last five years.

Significantly, 51 percent of respondents admitted that fixed speed cameras only slowed them down temporarily, while more than 84 percent considered marked on-road police patrols a more effective option.

These relaxed attitudes to speed contrasts with the RACQ’s stance that speed is a major contributing factor to crashes and crash severity.

“Motorists need to remember that speeding is not only illegal but incredibly unsafe. Speed limits are there for a reason and it’s worrying to see so many Queensland motorists admit to exceeding them so often”, RACQ’s Advocacy boss Paul Turner said.

“Drivers need to take responsibility for their own actions and slow down. Speed limits are the maximum allowed for a section of road under good conditions, not a minimum speed.”

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