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Trevor Collett | Jun, 17 2013 | 0 Comments

Porsche’s toy stable already includes the Baby 918 Spyder, Baby Porsche and your choice of plush or pedal-powered 911s.

Now the German carmaker is expanding its already healthy toy range, with the addition of the new pedal-powered 'Go Kart' model.

The Go Kart is a sleek pedal-car with minimal bodywork. It features a tubular-steel frame, and the whole car weighs just 25kg.

Light-weight seven-spoke composite wheels, low-profile inflatable tyres, a sports steering wheel (we think) and a sports bucket seat mean the Go Kart can lay claim to being a true Porsche.

It’s even rear-engined, so to speak.

The Go Kart is suitable for children aged five years and over, with that lightweight tubular-steel frame capable of carrying up to 49kg.

But, at around AU$940, the Go Kart is considerably more expensive than the 911 Pedal-Car (AU$570), the Baby 918 Spyder (AU$225.70) or the Baby Porsche (AU$202.90). Hopefully the Go Kart offers a performance boost to match its range-topping price.

In comparison, the plush 911 is a bargain at just AU$79.80.

No word yet from Porsche on whether the Go Kart will be available in Australia, but as it doesn’t have to pass a roadworthy inspection, we suspect it will be here pretty soon.

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