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Trevor Collett | May, 12 2017 | 0 Comments

Porsche is reportedly adamant it will not be slapping a ‘GT’ badge on the back of its SUVs - now, or in the future.

Usually when a carmaker makes the ‘never-ever’ promise, you can expect to see the ‘never-ever’ model go on sale in around two years from when that promise was made.

Few would have predicted an SUV from Bentley, Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce, but the winds of change have forced their respective hands. Will Ferrari eventually yield?

But Porsche says it’s serious on this one - keen to keep its sports cars separate from its SUV market.

Speaking with Car And Driver, Porsche head of GT road car development, Andreas Preuninger, reportedly said the Macan and Cayenne will remain GT-free, for good.

“The credibility of the GT car is based on direct bloodline to the race cars,” Preuninger said. “A customer buying a GT3 knows there’s a derivative that’s on track every other weekend in a different race series.”

So unless an SUV GT series suddenly graces the world’s race tracks, fans will not see GT badges on the back of Porsche SUV models.

“If we were to enter the Dakar rally with a Macan or Cayenne - something we have no plans to do - then maybe the Motorsport department would develop that car and bring it to the race,” Preuninger said.

“Then I would see a good excuse to make something for the street that is very close, but to just use a badge on a Panamera or Cayenne to make it more attractive, for me, would not be credible.”

Preuninger concluded by saying he didn’t believe in slapping GT badges on models simply for marketing purposes.

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