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Porsche Recalls 911 And 718 For Separate Airbag And Fuel Line Issues Photo:

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Kez Casey | Feb, 02 2017 | 0 Comments

Porsche Cars Australia has announced two unrelated recalls for both its 911 and 718 sports car lines.

The first affects both the 911 and 718 and concerns side airbag inflators which were installed with incorrect detonator units.

In the event of an accident in which the restraint systems are triggered the full effect of the airbags concerned may be impaired. A total of five vehicles in Australia are involved in the recall.

Side airbag recall announced (overseas model shown)
Side airbag recall announced (overseas model shown)

The second recall concerns the 991-generation 911 Carrera, Boxster 718, and Cayman 718. Vehicles involved in this recall may be fitted with screws on the fuel collection pipe that could shear off.

Owners may notice a fuel smell from the vehicle, and in worst-case scenarios the problem could potentially lead to a fire if leaking fuel comes into contact with an ignition source.

A confirmed 239 vehicles are affected.

Porsche will contact owners of affected vehicles by mail with details of how to arrange replacement parts. Concerned owners should contact their local Porsche dealer for more information.

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