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Porsche Gives Flippers The Flip - Warns 'Investors' To Look Elsewhere Photo:

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Trevor Collett | May, 30 2017 | 1 Comment

Porsche has declared its cars are not to be used by ‘flippers’ to make a quick buck, particularly limited edition models.

Ignoring Warney’s famous leg-spin delivery in cricket, a ‘flipper’ was once a person who frequently changed their mind, or someone afraid of making decisions, but reality television has helped to create a new breed of ‘flipper’.

The flipper of the 21st century buys an item with a view to selling it again shortly after with a modest mark-up - perhaps following some form of restoration. With enough time and effort, flipping can become a profitable game.

But Porsche’s GT boss Andreas Preuninger is no flipper fan, warning the money-makers to stay away from the German carmaker.

“I personally like to see my cars being used,” Preuninger said, speaking with Car And Driver.

“That’s what we build them for. They are just too good to be left to stand and collect dust. I don’t like this business of people buying our cars to make money on them.”

Porsche 911 R
Porsche 911 R

Preuninger said limited edition models were particularly susceptible to flipping, but defended the practice of restricting availability for some variants saying it was not intended to increase value.

The GT boss took aim at some Porsche 911 R owners who reportedly complained when the carmaker decided to offer the 911 GT3 with a manual transmission. Before then, the manual-only 911 R had an advantage on the used car market against the auto-only GT3.

“When I said ‘we’re not a hedge fund’, I’m talking to those people who are yelling at us for offering the manual transmission similar to the R,” Preuninger said. “But if there are people wanting to buy cars like that, then as a company we should try to fulfil that, to meet that demand.”

And if you think Preuninger is all talk and no action, the GT boss said Porsche is actively monitoring customers who ‘flip’ their purchases.

As a low-volume carmaker, Preuninger said Porsche usually has “a name for every car before we build it”, and the owners of those names who choose to flip their new cars may find their names missing from lists for future limited edition models.

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