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TMR Team | Aug, 08 2017 | 0 Comments

Porsche has announced details of a voluntary recall of its Cayenne Diesel SUV in Australia, following similar moves announced for Europe.

Locally the automaker is recalling about 2100 vehicles as part of the greater Volkswagen Group’s ongoing diesel emissions issue, with the 3.0-litre diesel V6 of the Cayenne Diesel the only variant involved at this stage.

Cars built between August 2014 and July 2017 are involved in the recall action and will receive an engine control unit software update. A further 165 as-yet undelivered vehicles are also affected with their delivery to customers delayed as a result.

Porsche says the reprogramming will begin in Europe during the European Autumn, with the Australian action to begin shortly after. Programming will take about one hour to complete.

Despite the Cayenne’s engine being a development of the 3.0-litre V6 found in the Audi Q7, each runs their own software calibration with a spokesperson from Audi Australia telling TMR that the brand had no plans to undertake a similar recall.

The move follows a decision by the German government to stop sales of V6 Cayenne models in July.

The brand says vehicles affected by the issue “remain safe to drive and may continue to be driven as normal”. Porsche will contact customers affected by the issue to arrange free software updates.

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