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Mike Stevens | Sep, 16 2014 | 0 Comments

Peugeot’s big RCZ coupe may be the first and last of its breed, a new report out of the UK suggests.

In an interview with website Auto Express, Peugeot-Citroen boss Carlos Tavares said that while the company wants more sports models, a purpose-built model like the RCZ is not likely to appear again.

“Our brands need sports cars, but they’ll be more sporty derivatives than bespoke models,” Tavares told Auto Express.

Still, the RCZ isn’t about to disappear tomorrow, with Tavares adding that the recently facelifted coupe “has a little while to run yet”.

Tavares’ comments also appear to be the end to any hopes for a production version of the powerful 500kW Onyx concept that appeared in 2012.

This latest report contradicts comments in July from Peugeot brand boss Maxime Picat - who reports directly to Tavares - which suggested that the RCZ is a crucial component in the brand’s push toward a more premium position.

Above: we shouldn't expect to see the Onyx concept in showrooms.
Above: we shouldn't expect to see the Onyx concept in showrooms.

It is perhaps no surprise however that Peugeot may drop the RCZ, with the company earlier promising a ‘back to basics’ direction - focused on more practical models - as it works to increase profitability.

Sports models won’t disappear from the range all together, however: Peugeot has recently revealed the warm 308 GT range, and a more powerful 308 GTi is also expected. Peugeot also offers the powered-up 208 GTi hatch.

A production version of the Exalt concept is anticipated and, while entry models will likely be driven by small frugal engines, a top-shelf performance variant could also be on the cards.

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