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Trevor Collett | Mar, 04 2015 | 13 Comments

Peugeot has boosted the appeal of three of its models on the Australian market, announcing that each will receive new standard safety equipment for 2015.

All of the French carmaker’s 508 large sedan and 3008 SUV models will soon be fitted with a standard reversing camera, which was previously reserved for the Allure and GT models in the 508.

The smaller 2008 SUV goes one better, getting an upgraded reversing camera with local engineering input.

While the pre-update 2008 had a 1.5-inch display in the rear-view mirror for the reversing camera, the refreshed model now gets an image with guidelines on the 2008’s seven-inch touchscreen.

Peugeot Australia General Manager, John Startari, said that the adoption of reverse camera technology on 2008, 3008 and 508 improves the safety of the Peugeot range.

“We see the addition of reverse camera technology to our SUV and large sedan range as a significant step in improving the safety quotient of our vehicles,” Mr Startari said.

“Safety is a vital facet of vehicle ownership and we are working to offer this important driver aid as standard on as many vehicles as possible in the future. And, where it is not standard, we are working towards an accessory solution.”

The updated Peugeot 2008 is available now, while the 508 and 3008 models go on sale later this month.

Pricing for the 2008 is unchanged, while pricing and full specifications for the updated 508 and 3008 models will be announced closer to launch.

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