NSW Speed And Red Light Cameras Could Total 200 By 2016: Report Photo:
Trevor Collett | Jun, 08 2014 | 5 Comments

The New South Wales government will reportedly add up to 74 new combined speed and red light cameras to the existing network over the next 18 months; 54 more than first planned.

An announcement by the state government in May outlined 20 new combined cameras at intersections across Sydney, adding to the 126 combined cameras already in operation.

But a report by News Corp suggests an additional 54 combined cameras may also be in the pipeline, which would see the total number of combined cameras reach 200 by the end of next year.

NSW Centre for Road Safety General Manager Margaret Prendergast reportedly made the announcement to an inquiry board into speed zones and their impact on demerit points, saying that 54 intersections were being investigated for camera suitability or “alternative works”.

“We are up to 126 now and we’re rolling out another 20,” Ms Prendergast said.

“If we do the maths, that is 146 so there would be 54 more to roll out. Those 54 will roll out if crash risks at intersections deem that number to be the correct number.”

If each of the 54 intersections was deemed appropriate for a combined speed and red light camera, the total fixed enforcement camera network in NSW would grow to 200 combined cameras, 108 fixed speed cameras and 24 ‘average speed’ cameras.

In addition, the NSW government’s additional 39 mobile speed cameras (making a total of 45) are now in operation, following an initial delay caused by a scandal involving the camera supplier in the US.

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