NSW RTA Chief Sidelined Over F3 Freeway Fiasco, Investigation Underway Photo:
Mike Stevens | Apr, 15 2010 | 0 Comments

HEADS ARE set to roll over Monday's 12-hour gridlock on Sydney's F3 freeway, with NSW RTA chief Michael Bushby already suspended ahead of former police commissioner Ken Moroney's independent investigation into the debacle.

Major traffic delays were caused on Monday after a flatbed truck collided with the rear of a fuel tanker, forcing motorists to wait nearly 12 hours as the RTA worked to clear the scene rather than opening a contra-flow lane. A contra-flow lane was eventually opened, eight hours after the accident occurred.

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally responded yesterday to Opposition claims that Mr Bushby was forced to take the fall for Roads Minister David Campbell. Ms Keneally said that the road operations are the domain of the RTA and that the Mr Bushby had failed to adequately explain the department's actions.

"What has frustrated me, what has frustrated the minister and, quite frankly, what has made both of us very angry is the fact that government invested in infrastructure here," Ms Keneally told the AAP.

"It wasn't used and we need to get to the bottom of why it wasn't used."

Ms Keneally said that Mr Moroney will "get to the bottom" of the matter, delivering his report "without fear of favour". Speaking with Fairfax, an unnamed government source reportedly said that Michael Bushby refused to reveal who in the RTA was in charge of the operation on Monday.

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