NSW: Operation 'Go Slow' Results Reveal Alarming High-speed Habits Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Apr, 30 2013 | 14 Comments

New South Wales police have released the results of its 'Go Slow' operation, revealing the law-breaking habits of the state's worst speedsters.

Highway patrol conducted the operation for five days over the ANZAC weekend, with 43 drivers caught exceeding the limit by more than 45km/h.

The majority (39) of high-speed offenders were male, and 36 were under 40 years of age.

“They mustn’t be thinking about the penalties for such reckless speeding. Drivers caught speeding by more than 45km/h are fined $2154, lose their licence for six months and the vehicle’s number plates can be confiscated for three months," Detective Superintendent Stuart Smith.

The lead-footed offenders were among 4187 drivers issued with speeding fines over the ANZAC weekend.

Two major offences from the weekend were detected on the Pacific Highway, with one driver allegedly caught travelling 149km/h in a 100km/h area at Swan Creek, and another in the states far north caught travelling 137km/h in a 100km/h area.

Police stopped the second vehicle after noticing a shower of sparks coming from beneath the vehicle. Stopping the driver, police discovered the rear tailpipe was missing and the muffler was being dragged on the roadway.

The driver, a male L-plater, allegedly returned a breath analysis of 0.043. As in other states, the limit in NSW for L-platers is zero.

There were 741 major collisions during the operation, resulting in five deaths and 263 injuries.

Other offences over the weekend included 454 fines for restraint offences (mainly seatbelts) and of the 185,500 people breath tested, 363, or 0.2 percent, were charged with drink driving.

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