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Mike Stevens | Oct, 02 2012 | 0 Comments

Motorists in New South Wales will soon gain thousands of new options for personalising their number plates, thanks to a new 'Numbers First' format.

On sale next Monday, the new program marks the first time in decades that a new personalised format has been offered in NSW.

Until now, regular personalised plate options have been restricted to a letter+number combination. Options under the new format will include (for example) 111•AAA, 11•AAA and 11•AAAA.

Depending on the style chosen, the new Numbers First combinations will start with a once-off 'order fee' of $160, and a $99 per-year ongoing fee.

In the current system, a Personalised Plus option is also available, which offers a wider range of combinations - and a $440 annual fee.

Despite the cost of both options, NSW Roads and Maritime Services says that around one in 10 of the state's motorists have a personalised plate.

myPlates boss Daryl Head said the more common sets, including name and birthdate combinations, are expected to sell quickly.

Enthusiast plates are also likely to go fast, with 86 TOY (Toyota 86) and 01 BRZ (Subaru BRZ) expected to fly out the door.

“The release of numbers first content is a really exciting time for myPlates. It creates a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to secure their ideal number plate content and marks a milestone in the evolution of number plates in NSW," Head said.

The new program, ostensibly aimed at offering motorists new opportunities to personalise their number plates, will likely boost funding for road projects (and top-up the state government's coffers.)

South of the border, Victoria's VicRoads offers a number of different plate options, including mixed alphanumeric combinations and a number of sets locked to sporting themes.

NSW plates can be registered at myplates.com.au. (link opens in new window)

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