Supervising Drivers Perform Poorly In Road Rules Test: NRMA Photo:
Trevor Collett | Sep, 27 2013 | 5 Comments

An NRMA survey of the parents and guardians of learner drivers found that just three percent were familiar enough with road rules to pass a standard driving test.

Learner drivers in New South Wales are required to sit a computerised Roads And Maritime Services (RMS) test on road rules, with a score of 41 out of 45 (91 percent) required to pass.

The NRMA subjected over 600 supervisors that had given instruction in the past five years or were expected to within the next five, to a condensed 16-question test. A score of at least 15 was required to pass.

Despite 96 percent of participants claiming to be ‘very or fairly confident’ of their knowledge before the test, just 18 of the 624 participants answered enough questions correctly.

The shortened test included questions such as “when are you permitted to drive in a bus lane?”, along with questions about the legal blood alcohol limit.

“The average score of nine-out-of-16 indicated parents and supervisors needed a better knowledge of road rules before getting into a car with a learner driver,” NRMA President Wendy Machin said.

“Despite the results, most participants saw the survey as a positive experience and were genuinely concerned that they needed to improve their knowledge of the road rules before teaching a learner driver.”

Of the survey participants, 24 percent said they planned to take advantage of the Coalition Government’s renewed “keys2drive” program, which provides a free lesson for both supervisor and learner-driver, conducted by a qualified driving instructor.

So what are the answers to those sample questions?

While 95 percent of the 624 participants knew the legal blood-alcohol limit for learner and provisional drivers in NSW is zero, only 21 percent knew that the limit for a supervisor was under 0.05.

Less than 25 percent of participants knew that you are permitted to drive in a bus lane in NSW for 100 metres before a turn off.

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