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Brad Leach | Jul, 27 2016 | 3 Comments

While Australia Post is now heading towards delivering mail only every second day, in Germany Daimler’s Smart and DHL are trialing a service to delivers parcels right to the boot of your car.

The trial is kicking-off in September in Stuttgart and will expand to seven other cities including Berlin and Cologne.

Called ‘Smart Ready To Drop’ the system requires an in-car installation of what the company is calling connectivity box detectors (they’ll be standard in Smart cars from September).

Owners then use a mobile telephone app to advise delivery details of their car (must be parked close to home or work) and a code will enable the DHL driver to access the car once during a short timeframe to deliver/pickup your parcels.

Sister DHL company, Amazon tested a similar concept last year with Audi in Germany and Volvo in Sweden.

While courier deliveries were once the exclusive convenience of businesses, the global growth of e-commerce now sees companies like DHL and Fedex delivering as much has 50 per-cent of their total volumes to homes.

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