Nose-To-Tail Collisions The Most Common In Australia: AAMI Photo:
Trevor Collett | Apr, 24 2015 | 2 Comments

Australian motorists may have a problem with tailgating, if the latest AAMI Crash Index is anything to go by.

The insurer has concluded that nose-to-tail incidents are the most common in Australia, accounting for 28.3 percent of the collisions analysed.

More than 75,000 collisions were scrutinised in New South Wales alone, which has now overtaken Victoria as Australia’s nose-to-tail ‘capital’.

Nearly 30 percent of collisions analysed in NSW were nose-to-tail, while the state was also the place one is most likely to be involved in a failure-to-give-way collision.

In Victoria, nose-to-tail collisions accounted for 29.4 percent of incidents, followed by parked car dings (21.8 percent) and failure to give way (20.9 percent).

Nose-to-tail incidents were also the most common in Western Australia, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

"Nose-to-tail crashes are consistently the number one type of collision over the years and they often related to factors including impatience, distraction and travelling too close to the car in front," AAMI’s Reuben Aitchison said.

"Following the person in front too closely or 'tailgating' is not going to get you to your destination any faster."

Nationally, dings with parked cars was the second most common collision following nose-to-tail incidents, with parking collisions being the most common overall in Tasmania and South Australia.

Tasmania also bucked the trend in collisions with stationary objects, with a score of 23.5 percent making it the second-most common incident.

AAMI noted an overall downward trend in failure-to-give-way collisions since 2002, but car park incidents have risen 10 percent over 15 years.

The Crash Index also included a survey of 3700 people, which found 45 percent of drivers who had experienced a collision admitted to changing their driving behaviour as a result.

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Top Five Collisions In Australia - 2015 AAMI Crash Index

  1. Nose to tail - 28.3 percent
  2. Parked car dings - 22 percent
  3. Failure to give way - 19.8 percent
  4. Collision with a stationary object - 14.5 percent
  5. Collision while reversing - 10.8 percent
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