Northern Territorians Twenty Times More Likely To Drink And Drive Photo:

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Trevor Collett | Jan, 24 2014 | 4 Comments

One in 13 drivers subjected to a random breath test in the Northern Territory last year returned a positive reading, with 155,000 tests conducted throughout 2013.

The ABC reports drivers in the top-end are 20 times more likely to drink and drive than drivers in other Australian states.

The one in 13 figure compares poorly to Victoria, where only one in 263 tests returned a positive reading last year, while one in 147 Queensland drivers did likewise from more than 3.6 million random breath tests conducted.

For New South Wales, one in every 208 drivers subjected to a random breath test in 2013 returned a reading above the .05 blood-alcohol limit.

Overall, 11,000 ‘Territorians’ were caught drink-driving in 2013.

Despite the high rates of drink-driving, the Northern Territory recorded a drop in the road toll for 2013; down 23 percent from 48 in 2012 to 37 last year.

The Territory has some of the toughest alcohol laws in Australia, with compulsory drink-driving programs required for most offenders and liquor permits required to obtain and consume alcohol in certain areas.

The news follows a study released in August last year, showing that the NT - along with four other states - showed a decline in alcohol-related collisions when more random breath tests were conducted.

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