Nissan's Sporty Crossover Concept To Wear Gripz Nametag Photo:

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Kez Casey | Sep, 13 2015 | 0 Comments

Nissan is still drip-feeding information about its upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show concept, but this latest video gives a closer glimpse at what to expect.

The concept now has a name: Gripz, and while it might be subtle, the 'z' on the end points to the crossover concept aligning itself with Nissan's long line of Z sports cars.

In the video we see strands of DNA looped over footage of 240Z desert racers - a far from sublte hint that the Gripz embodies a sports car feel with go anywhere ability.

It also means that speculation hinting that the crossover concept might point to the next generation Juke can be put to rest.

Fast glimpses of a V6 engine mean the Gripz will well and truly outpace the compact Juke. There's also 'blink and you'll miss it' images of a chronograph-style instrument cluster.

Nissan credits "the sleek two-wheel world of road cycling" as partial insipation for the concept, but rest assured, the concept has four wheels and definitely is not pedal-powered.

The Gripz also wears Nissan's deep-set V-shaped grille, and a more aggressive take on the company's boomerang shaped headlights. Other details are still being kept in the dark for now.

Nissan will reveal all when the covers come off the Gripz concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. TMR will bring you all the details as they come to hand.

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