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Nissan X-Trail Hybrid Hits Japan, No Plans For Australia Photo:

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Mike Stevens | Apr, 08 2015 | 1 Comment

Nissan has launched a new hybrid model into its midsized X-Trail range, but, for now, it is available exclusively in Japan.

Speaking with TMR today, Nissan Australia’s Peter Fadeyev said that while the company’s global models are always given consideration for a local launch, there are currently no plans for the X-Trail Hybrid.

Unique to the X-Trail Hybrid is the pairing of a 108kW/207Nm 2.0 litre four-cylinder petrol engine with a 30kW/160Nm electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack.

A CVT automatic transmission is the only shifter on offer, while front- and all-wheel-drive configurations will be offered.

Other unique features for the Hybrid model include smooth underbody panels for improved aerodynamics, along with low rolling-resistance tyres.

Fuel consumption for the new variant is rated at 4.8 l/100km on Japan’s JC08 test cycle, which generally delivers lower figures than the Europe-based standards applied in Australia.

In Australia, the X-Trail range’s lowest fuel figures come with the less powerful 96kW/320Nm X-Trail diesel, which lists consumption at 5.3 l/100km.

Importantly for the Japanese market, the X-Trail Hybrid boasts a 75 percent reduction of nitrogen oxide and non-methane hydrocarbons in exhaust emissions when compared to the country’s 2005 standards, making the model eligible for tax exemptions under upcoming 2020 standards.

The X-Trail Hybrid does however lose out on storage, with the large battery pack reducing rear volume from 550 to 400 litres.



An Australian debut for the X-Trail Hybrid appears unlikely at this stage.

Nissan does currently offer a hybrid version of the Pathfinder in Australia, although there is no local diesel option to complicate that line-up.

The Hybrid accounts for just 9 percent of all Pathfinder sales, although Nissan is unlikely to be concerned: overall Pathfinder sales year-to-date finished March at 1,414 units, compared to 1,015 for the same period in 2014.

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