Nissan Qashqai Using Emissions Defeat Device Says Korean Authorities - Nissan Denies Wrongdoing Photo:

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Trevor Collett | May, 18 2016 | 2 Comments

Nissan’s Qashqai SUV is the latest car to undergo scrutiny from the environment cops after South Korean authorities accused Nissan of manipulating the results of emissions testing.

Officials have reportedly proposed a fine and an enforced recall program for Nissan to rectify the problem, but Nissan denies any wrongdoing.

The proposed fine is around AU$385,000, and the recall would involve at least 814 Qashqais.

Diesel-powered Qashqais are in the spotlight, potentially delivering another black eye to the diesel engine in addition to the ongoing Volkswagen diesel emissions saga.

Volkswagen’s now-infamous ‘defeat device’ is at the centre of the emissions scandal, and Korean authorities have accused Nissan of using its own defeat device.

Qashqai diesel engine
Qashqai diesel engine

Further for Nissan, the carmaker blew the whistle on supplier Mitsubishi earlier this month after it become apparent that certain kei car models were wearing false fuel economy ratings.

Nissan purchased a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi soon after.

The carmaker said in a statement to Reuters that it does not use defeat devices in any of its models, adding that European Union regulators backed this claim.

Korea’s environment officials said the allegedly offending Qashqais were thought to be using Euro 6 emissions-compliant engines, prompting a second round of testing yet to carried out which will target Euro 5 Qashqai models.

Watch this space.

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