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TMR Team | Jul, 20 2017 | 0 Comments

Drivers in Australia are already struggling with the concept of using three pedals when they drive, and Nissan's all-new Leaf EV may soon cut another of the two remaining pedals.

Called the e-pedal, the new slant on vehicle control means a driver can use just one pedal for going and stopping.

Nissan says it could revolutionise driving, but it will require a re-program for drivers familiar with the current two- or three-pedal arrangement.

The news comes ahead of the 2018 Leaf's unveiling in Japan in September. Nissan claims the e-pedal will allow drivers to do 90 percent of their driving without touching the brake pedal.

Pressing the pedal down will accelerate the car, lifting off will slow it down and releasing it will make the car stop. The company claims it will make it "simpler and more engaging" to drive, reducing the need to move your feet.

However, that is similar to most electric vehicles with regenerative brakes, such as Tesla's Model X and Model S, so it is unclear at this stage how Nissan's e-pedal is significantly different from the competition. Also unclear is any potential benefits for some disabled drivers.

More will be revealed at the official launch - stay tuned.

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