Nissan Juke-R Concept Revealed, 358kW On Tap Photo:
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_01.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_09 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_17.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_06.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_14 Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_03 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_11.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_19 Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_06 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_16.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_05.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_12 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_21.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_01 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_10.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_11 Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_07 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_15.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_04.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_15 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_20.jpg Photo: tmr
nissan_juke_r_01 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_09.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_16 Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_04 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_14.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_03.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_13 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_19.jpg Photo: tmr
nissan_juke_r_02 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_08.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_17 Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_05 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_13.jpg Photo: tmr
Nissan Juke-R Concept Photo:
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_02.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_08 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_18.jpg Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_07.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_10 Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_02 Photo: tmr
2010_nissan_juke_overseas-model_12.jpg Photo: tmr
00_nissan_juke_r_18 Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Oct, 27 2011 | 0 Comments

Update: power figures confirmed.

Nissan has pulled back the covers on its mental Juke-R concept in Spain this week, and this is the first photo of the GT-R powered crossover.

As reported earlier here at TMR, the R version of the off-the-wall Juke compact SUV is driven by the GT-R's twin-turbo 3.8 litre twin-turbo V6.

In GT-R form, the big turbo six produces 390kW and 612Nm of torque. For the Juke-R, Nissan's engineers have pulled power back to a still impressive 358kW - a good deal more thrust than its normal 1.6 litre engine.

Nissan says it will build two examples of the turbocharged all-wheel-drive Juke-R, one in left-hand-drive and one for the right.

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