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Tony O'Kane | Oct, 28 2015 | 0 Comments

The centrepiece of Nissan's stand at this year's Tokyo Motor Show is this, the IDS concept - the Japanese company's forward-looking vision for a zero-emissions autonomous city runabout.

Its streamlined shape and EV powertrain also suggests it could form the pattern for the next-generation Leaf electric car, though Nissan doesn't explicity make any link between that model and this concept.

However, in terms of function and mechanical package, the IDS concept is essentially a more highly-evolved descendant of the Nissan Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept revealed last week.

The Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 looks just like a regular Leaf, but with slots cut into the bodywork to accommodate the 12 cameras, four laser scanners, five radar sensors, plus ultrasonic sensors used to monitor the vehicle’s surrounds.

A sophisticated computer sits in the boot and combines the various sensor information to form a picture of the surrounding environment, and send commands to the accelerator, brakes and steering.

As such, the autonomous Leaf can merge onto and off freeways as well as overtake slower vehicles without driver intervention.

The IDS Concept takes that to the next level, with the car able to either provide active assistance to the driver through lane monitoring and anti-collision systems, or pilot itself completely autonomously.

The car can also adapt itself to the driver's own personal driving style, "learning" how the driver responds under certain conditions and mimicing their style when placed in the autonomous "Piloted Drive" mode.

Traffic, weather and GPS data is also factored in by the IDS's Piloted Drive computer, and sourced via a mobile data connection.

In Piloted Drive mode, the steering wheel, instrument panel and head-up display retract into the dashboard while a large infotainment screen rises out. The four individual seats pivot towards the centre of the car too, to facilitate conversation.

The IDS concept can also park and un-park itself remotely, while an inductive-loop charging system allows it to top up its batteries without needing a cable.

The IDS concept also sports a nifty front-facing LED display that can display short text messages. Nissan envisages it politely flashing "After you" at pedestrians at crossings, but we think it may get more use saying "didn't mean 2 cut u off, OMG" - at least in this country.

For now, the crucial performance numbers are under wraps. The only info we have is that it sports a 60kWh battery pack that should - in theory - give it slightly more than double the range of the Leaf, which is capable of 170km on a single charge.

A carbon-fibre chassis helps reduce weight, though that all-glass roof, giant infotainment display and retractable steering column likely adds plenty of mass back.

What's clear though is that Nissan is well advanced in its plans to launch a fully-autonomous car by 2020. Subtract the swivelling seats, big wheels and glass roof and the IDS concept would make a believable replacement for the Leaf.

Meanwhile, Nissan's work on the Leaf Piloted Drive 1.0 concept shows that the technology works - at least in a highway environment. Five years from now, the tech is bound to be far more mature - and possibly showroom-ready.

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