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Nissan Developing 'Fatigue-free' Seats For Future Models: Video Photo:
Malcolm Flynn | Oct, 25 2012 | 1 Comment

Nissan is developing a new seat design that aims to replicate the human body’s neutral posture, as experienced in a weightless environment.

Described as the ‘Comfortable seat with spinal support’, the design aims to emulate the posture the human body assumes under zero gravity.

While that's not a feeling many of us have experienced, NASA's astronauts have provided the data, and Nissan wants motorists to benefit from it.

According to Nissan, the neutral posture minimises loads on the body, reducing muscular activity, discomfort and fatigue through optimising blood flow.

In short, the new design promises to be more comfortable over longer periods than conventional seats.

“We devised a seat shape and cushion softness distribution that would closely reproduce such a neutral posture in a car seat”, Nissan’s Masahiro Egami said.

Intended for front and rear seating, the design uses a specific seat shape and tailored cushioning to spread pressure from pelvis to chest, where conventional designs concentrate pressure on the pelvic area.

The varying cushion softness distribution also promises to adapt to different physiques, with the obvious benefit of reduced whining from the back seat on family road trips.

Nissan hopes to equip all of its models with the technology in the future, but is yet to specify which particular model will see it first.

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