Nissan Crossover Concept Teaser Emerges Prior To Frankfurt Unveil Photo:
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2015 Nissan Juke ST Review Photo:
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Tony O'Kane | Sep, 08 2015 | 4 Comments

Nissan has released a fairly telling teaser image of an upcoming crossover concept, which is scheduled to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month and may preview the second-generation Juke - or something else entirely.

Nissan's accompanying press release is brief and provides little detail about the concept itself, other than to confirm that it is indeed a crossover.

And while the obvious conclusion is that it foreshadows the arrival of the next-gen Juke - production of which has already been confirmed for 2016 - there's something about this concept that leads us to think it's something different.

For one, that roofline tapers toward the rear far too soon for it to belong to anything with more than two doors. Turn up the brightness on your monitor and you'll see that this is most likely a coupe, not a four-door hatch like the Juke.

Nissan has obscured the rear of this concept for good reason - they want to preserve the element of surprise.

Those heavily pumped guards also look distinctly sporty, and the LED bars that pass for headlamps are an extreme evolution of Nissan's "fish hook" style light treatment that was pioneered by the 370Z.

And then there's the fact that Nissan describes this as "a new way to feel driving excitement". Either they're turning up the wick on the Juke in a big way, or this ain't a Juke at all.

The appearance of this teaser certainly lends credence to last month's rumour that the iconic Nissan Z car may turn into a crossover for its next generation.

Will Nissan take such a radical step? Is the world ready for a proper two-door performance crossover? We may find out at Frankfurt. Watch this space.

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