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Tony O'Kane | Jan, 20 2015 | 11 Comments

The Nissan Altima has had a slow start in Australia since launching in late 2013, with last year's sales only amounting to a 3.6 percent share of the total midsize car market - roughly the same as what the equally-unloved Skoda Octavia enjoys.

By contrast, the Camry dominated the segment with a 2014 market share of 44.5 percent. The Mazda6 came second with 11.9 percent.

But an upcoming mid-cycle facelift may give the struggling Altima a visual and technological leg-up next year, with a Nissan executive describing the changes as "significant".

Responding to the radical changes Toyota has applied to its updated Camry, Nissan North America’s vice president of product planning Pierre Liong said to Automotive News that Nissan needed to do something similar to remain competitive.

“Camry did something very huge," Liong said. "I believe they did that probably because they thought the car was not where they wanted it to be.

"I’m not sure we’re going to go to that extent. But we’re going to do something significant for the Altima for the midcycle."

The Camry's update sees all sheetmetal changes to all panels bar the roof, giving the car an all-new appearance despite riding on the same platform, having minimal interior changes and carryover engines.

Liong wouldn't elaborate on precisely what will be changed for the 2016 Altima, but did hint that infotainment and/or driver assistance technology would be part of the upgrade, as well as updated styling.

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