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Nissan has hit the ‘stop’ button on production of its midsized Altima sedan for Australia, but the model continues to form part of the local range.

That’s because Nissan has enough stocks to keep the sales ticking over, at least for the time being, but the carmaker won’t be bringing any more of the current Altima to Australia once those stocks are exhausted.

Speaking with TMR, Nissan Australia says that the costs of upgrading the Altima to meet Euro 5B emissions regulations are prohibitive - the same reason the carmaker has been forced to send the Y61 Patrol on its way.

The same emissions regulations also affect the Pulsar Sedan, which is currently in a similar limbo to the Altima with sufficient stocks to keep sales going (but selling fast) and no replacement in the wings.

Nissan assures customers that after-sales service for both models will be unaffected. Also unaffected is the Altima’s future in the Supercars touring car series in Australia, with the model set to continue as one of Nissan’s local motorsport representatives.

Both the Altima and Pulsar could return to Australia, although each may be vastly different to the current model and a new name - for the Altima at least - isn’t out of the question.

Also possible is all-new replacements for both models.

The Altima finds itself in a similar situation to much of the midsized passenger car market in Australia under $60,000.

Besides Toyota’s Camry, which absolutely dominates the class, the Altima and many others are hovering under the 100 sales-per-month barrier, which last month also included the Kia Optima, Honda Accord and Hyundai’s i40 and Sonata models.

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