Nissan 370Z Nismo Roadster Concept: Droptop Heats Up Chilly Chicago Show Photo:
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Trevor Collett | Feb, 13 2015 | 0 Comments

Nissan has pulled the covers off a new 370Z concept at the Chicago Auto Show, sure to stir the emotion of the Japanese carmaker’s fans.

The trick of this one is obvious enough: take all the goodies from the recently updated 370Z Nismo Coupe and bolt them to the Roadster version. Voila, 370Z Nismo Roadster.

But that could be more than enough for eager would-be owners to put down a deposit, if Nissan decides to put it into production.

The standard 370Z is already available in roadster form; priced from $65,930 plus on-roads in Australia for the six-speed manual version.

Those who prefer the altered design, wheels, brakes, suspension tune and uprated power output of the Nismo version have, until now, had no choice but to go with the coupe body-style.

Nissan’s 3.7 litre V6 petrol engine is tweaked to produce 261kW/373Nm in the 370Z Nismo, up from 245kW/363Nm in the regular model.

The Nismo coupe also shows its true sporting colours by only offering the 370Z’s six-speed SynchroRev Match manual transmission, with no auto option available.

But the Roadster concept bends the rules here with its seven-speed automatic, matched with the same uprated engine found in the production Nismo coupe.

Nissan may therefore be gauging public interest not only for the Nismo Roadster, but an auto-equipped version of the coupe as well.

The rest of the Roadster concept both inside and out reflects its coupe cousin, including a red and black themed interior, Recaro seats and a three-spoke sports steering wheel.

Nissan says its 370Z Nismo coupe make up around 20 percent of 370Z sales in the US.

The Nismo version is not currently offered in Australia, but the carmaker’s local arm has got the performance coupe (and now roadster?) on its radar.

No word yet from Nissan as to whether the 370Z Roadster Nismo will make it into production.

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