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2013 Subaru WRX Concept Photo:
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2013_subaru_wrx_concept_08a Photo: tmr
Mike Stevens | Jun, 27 2014 | 12 Comments

The new WRX has been on the scene for less than a year, but already there is talk of the next-generation model’s looks.

A lot can change between now and the next model's arrival - likely to be around six years away - but Subaru executives appear more than happy to talk of the future.

Speaking with Britain’s Auto Express, Subaru design boss Mamorou Ishii confirmed that his team is already working on the look of the next model, promising a more muscular look than the new WRX that landed here in March.

“Yes, we have taken the next-generation Impreza’s design in a new direction that we are sure will excite the marketplace,” Ishii told the magazine.

Acknowledging complaints that more of the 2013 concept's meaty proportions weren’t carried through to this year's production model, Ishii said that the next WRX will boast an even bolder look.

“We are planning to give the lower section below the hip line a wider, more substantial stance and narrow up the roof section,” he said.

While the new WRX wears standalone styling not shared with the regular Impreza range, there is a clear connection in the proportions of the two models.

However, the company’s next-generation Subaru Global Platform will utilise a new modular design that should allow developers of the next WRX to take even more liberties with its look and shape.

Still, the current and still brand-new WRX and WRX STI twins are hardly underperforming, having already smashed a long-standing Australian sales record set back in 1999.

If the hot performer is set to get even hotter, all the better.

Perhaps the most important news here, however, is that while Mitsubishi continues to umm-and-ahh its way through the idea of a new Evolution, Subaru has no plans on shelving its practical performer.

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