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Next McLaren Supercar Could Feature Honda Hybrid Tech: Report Photo:
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F1 - Honda Photo:
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honda_f1_history_00k Photo: tmr
Trevor Collett | Mar, 24 2014 | 1 Comment

McLaren will reportedly adopt hybrid technology from Honda in its next supercar, known internally as the P15.

Speaking with US magazine Car and Driver, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt is said to have confirmed that the carmaker is currently working on the new model, with all current projects “mid-engined two-seaters with carbon-fibre structure”.

With Honda set to rekindle its partnership with McLaren in Formula 1 from 2015, an extension of that partnership to include hybrid technology for McLaren’s road cars would not be out of the question.

Technology from the new-generation F1 power unit could make its way into the P15, although Honda already has many road-going hybrids (not quite in the ‘McLaren league’) in various global markets, including the Civic, Jazz and CR-Z in Australia.

A handful of Honda’s Insight hybrids may also remain unsold in the Australian market, but the current generation Insight was discontinued at the end of last month, with no confirmation of a replacement model.

The P15 is said to be a true production model, rather than a limited edition, and the new variant would effectively replace the sold-out P1 as McLaren’s flagship model.

Key changes for the P15 aside from the hybrid power plant will reportedly include a significantly lower price tag - perhaps less than half the P1’s asking price - and less power.

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