The UK's New ‘Super’ Cameras Can Nab Fifty Times More Motorists: Report Photo:
Trevor Collett | Sep, 23 2013 | 4 Comments

British councils are reportedly falling over themselves to source new ‘super’ traffic-enforcement cameras, capable of catching up to 50 times more offenders than a conventional camera.

During a recent trial, one camera caught 1000 offenders in just two weeks, at the same site where a regular traffic camera had managed to nab a mere 271 offenders - in an entire year.

The company behind the new cameras has reportedly had massive interest from councils keen to upgrade existing sites, with a £17,000 price mere 'pocket money' against the potential revenue.

Aside from the far-greater rate at which the new cameras issue speeding fines, an expected legislation change will soon see the cameras able to issue fines for a far greater range of offences.

Illegal U-turns, disobeying ‘no right turn’ signs, passing ‘no entry’ signs and more could all soon be enforced by the new super cameras, which use twin lenses and are equipped with ‘night vision’.

Britain’s peak motoring body, the Automobile Association (AA), has expressed concern however, believing the cameras are simply being used to raise revenue.

“Sticking up cameras to enforce every minor contravention is bordering on the immoral,” The AA’s Paul Watters told the UK’s Daily Mail.

No news yet on whether we’ll see the new cameras in Australia, but it’s a safe bet local authorities will be watching the results of British trials extremely closely.

Note: pictures of the new cameras have not been made available. Image above is a regular Australian speed camera site.

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