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Trevor Collett | Jul, 03 2013 | 3 Comments

The New South Wales Safer Drivers Course begins this week, aiming to better train young drivers to reduce road trauma amongst young drivers.

Learner drivers who have already clocked-up 50 hours of supervised driving can participate in the half-day course, which includes three hours of theory and two hours of driving, at a cost of $140.

As learner-licence holders are required to complete 120 hours of supervised driving before attempting their practical driving test, the NSW state government hopes a 20-hour reduction for those completing the course will encourage learners to sign up.

Learner drivers can also deduct an additional 20 hours from the required 120 if they undertake 10 one-hour professional driving lessons - a combined 40 hours reduction for those who learners do both the course and the professional training.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay said that the course was specifically designed to target the challenges faced by drivers younger than 25 years.

"We know that the most dangerous time for a young driver is the six months after they begin driving independently on their P-Plates," Mr Gay said.

"Our board of road safety experts considered the latest research in young driver safety specifically designed for learner drivers and I’m confident it’s a well-targeted program.”

One of the expert groups represented was the NRMA, with President Wendy Machin saying that the motoring body welcomed the Safer Drivers Course and the 20 hour reduction in supervised driving hours that came with it.

"We know that the system of 120 logbook hours for learner drivers can be a burden for some families and open to abuse," Ms Machin said.

"The new Safer Driving Course will provide learner drivers with a broader learning experience, designed to arm them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help keep them safe."

In addition, learner drivers in NSW can now travel at a maximum of 90km/h from this week, a rise from the previous limit of 80km/h.

It is hoped that the new limit will ensure learner drivers are supervised when travelling at 90km/h for the first time, as the new limit matches the P1 Provisional licence limit.

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