New, Smaller Jags Needed F-Type First - Jag Boss Photo:
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Peter Anderson | Oct, 09 2012 | 3 Comments

Jaguar's company head, Adrian Hallmark, says that without the F-Type, Jaguar couldn't even think of building a small sedan and sports car.

“Without the F-type, our heritage would not be complete. We were a founder member of the sports car club," Hallmark said to UK website Autocar.

"Without a sports car in our range, it has been possible for people to lose orientation about what Jaguar stands for."

He named the F-Type as the core of the range, or "the orientation point."

As a result of the F-Type's positioning and price, the English automaker can now look to expanding its range, with an F-Type coupe, an SUV and a rumoured 3 Series sized sedan all believed to be on Jaguar's wishlist.

With the F-Type positioned as a mid-tier luxury sports car, Jaguar can also push the XK grand tourer further upmarket, as the majority of XK sales are for the R and RS models.

Responding to pricing concerns about the F-Type - which begins at £58,000 (A$90,000) in the UK, Hallmark reckons it's a bargain.

"We’re delivering Aston V8 or Porsche 911 performance at prices well below them," he said.

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