New Renault Twingo Range To Get 5-Door Bodystyle Only: Report Photo:
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2013 Renault Twin'Z Concept - The Next Twingo Photo:
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2013 Renault Twin'Run Concept - Twingo Preview Photo:
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TMR Team | Jul, 01 2013 | 3 Comments

Renault's next-generation Twingo city car will reportedly be offered in five-door form only, dashing hopes of another three-door RS model.

The current range is available exclusively as a three-door city car, but a growing push for five-door city cars looks to have forced Renault's hand.

And, while rivals like Volkswagen's Up can be had in five- and three-door form, Renault's move to stick with a single bodystyle is likely a cost decision.

That means we can likely expect the new Twingo to take its front and rear-end styling from the hotted-up Twin'Run concept, while utilising the five-door layout of the earlier Twin'Z showcar.

Like the larger new Clio RS, the next Twingo RS - previewed by the Twin'Run - will also be offered in five-door form only.

Of course, we shouldn't expect the large LED driving lights or huge rear wing of the Twin'Run concept to appear on the production model.

But, according to Renault design boss Laurens van den Acker, the Twin'Run shows "50 to 70 percent" of what we can look forward to with the production Twingo.

van den Acker added that the design of the new Twingo was created to win more male buyers and combat a largely female-driven sales record for the current model.

The switch to rear-wheel-drive - thanks to sharing its platform with the next version of the rear-engined Smart ForTwo - might also win the psychological battle for male buyers.

On a practical level, the rear-engined and rear-wheel-drive layout is also expected to free up more interior space, offering a larger cabin than a sub-light model can you usually afford.

Like the still-popular Fiat 500 and the new Opel Adam, the new Twingo will grab attention on the street by offering a range of personalisation options, including interior and exterior colours, two-tone themes and body graphics.

"[Personalisation] is much more successful than we thought it would be," van den Acker told industry paper Automotive News.

"We all look with admiration at the success of the 500. The best cars have a double personality. They look feminine and masculine at the same time."

That's important for Renault, because it will take an outgoing - and even slightly retro - look for the new Twingo to compete with the 500 and the Adam.

But, mostly important for Australian buyers is the confirmation that the new Twingo will be offered in right-hand-drive, meaning we could at last see the Twingo join the growing local city-car market.

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