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2015 Nissan Navara NP300 D23 - Thailand Review Gallery Photo:
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Mike Stevens | Jun, 01 2015 | 9 Comments

Nissan’s all-new NP300 ‘D23’ Navara is now on sale in Australia, lauching with an initial line-up of 27 variants priced from $26,490 to $54,490 plus on-roads.

Replacing both the D40 and D22 models, the new Navara’s local debut comes one year on from its global unveiling in Thailand, where the new model is built.

In the months ahead, the new Navara will do battle in a rapidly shifting landscape of pickups new and old(ish).

Its biggest rival will undoubtedly be Toyota’s HiLux, which even in its ageing seventh-generation form, remains dominant. An all-new model was revealed this month, and that will be here in October.

Mitsubishi’s got an all-new Triton on the scene, and Ford will have a refreshed Ranger in showrooms late in the third quarter or early in the fourth.

Mazda’s BT-50, Holden’s Colorado and its Isuzu D-Max sibling all remain competitive, and Volkswagen’s Amarok is also a popular offering.


Models in the Navara range will include the DX, RX, ST and top-shelf ST-X, matched to a range of three engines, rear- and four-wheel-drive, three cab and two chassis styles, and two transmissions.

The tubbed dual-cab Navara models will launch first, while the single-cab (cab chassis), king-cab (pick-up utility and cab chassis) and dual-cab (cab chassis) grades will debut in the third quarter.

Depending on the model, engine options include a 122kW/238Nm 2.5 litre four-cylinder petrol engine, along with a pair of 2.3 litre diesels offering 120kW/403Nm and 140kW/450Nm.

Dual-cab pickup models are fitted with a five-link rear suspension arrangement, while others continue with a leaf spring arrangement.

Braked towing capacity is listed at 3500kg for diesels, dropping to 1588kg for petrol models.

Payload capacity ranges from 880 to 1112kg, depending on the model and configuration.

For full pricing and features, see our links below.

Watch for TMR’s Australian review to come today, and catch our earlier Thailand drive review here.

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Australia's Pickups (Sales, January to end of May)

Model 4x2 4x4 Total
1. Toyota HiLux 4328 10,172 14,500
2. Ford Ranger 2214 8558 10,772
3. Mitsubishi Triton 1695 8488 10,183
4. Holden Colorado 1111 6188 7299
5. Mazda BT-50 2028 3666 5694
6. Nissan Navara 95 5098 5193
7. Isuzu D-Max 132 4099 4231
8. Volkswagen Amarok 185 3316 3501
9. Toyota LandCruiser PU/CC 2636 2636
10. Foton Tunland 56 428 484
11. Nissan Patrol PU/CC 133 133
12. Great Wall V200/V240 52 26 88
13. Ssangyong Actyon 31 42 73
14. Land Rover Defender PU/CC 20 20

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